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Steven Gerrard: 10 Possible Replacements for Injured Liverpool Captain

BR - The latest injury to Steven Gerrard is not expected to keep the Liverpool star sidelined for very long, but it nonetheless continues a disturbing pattern of nagging injuries which have plagued the Reds star over the course of the past several seasons.

Before one can address any potential replacements, one must first decide exactly what is meant by the term “replacement.” Does it mean replacing him from within team? Transfer market? Replace what? His play-making ability? Just his presence in the lineup?

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kulka4543d ago

the fact is no player can replace Gerrard

ohahCantona4542d ago

the fact is: No one at his level want to play for Liverpool anymore.... No CL, no chance for the league.....sorry Pools, long time since the 80s.

kane_lfc4542d ago

If we finish in the top 4 then maybe...we might have a chance for the league when are squads jelled together maybe in a season or 2, Man City didnt build a title winning/top 4 team over night, it took them 2-3 years because they needed time to jel together and now they are the best team in the Prem.