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Petr Cech now has a mask to go with his helmet

Petr Cech broke his nose during Chelsea's win over Blackburn last weekend, prompting fears that the goalkeeper will be forced to sit out the Czech Republic's Euro 2012 playoff against Montenegro on Friday.

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MaximusPrime4038d ago

actually i found that image really funny. Darth Vader

buddymagoo4038d ago

The guy is a wuss, just get him an american football helmet and then he might feel safe.

Blackdeath_6634038d ago

WHAT if anything hes brave any hit on the head and he's dead his skull is already fractured and instead of ending his career he carried on.

DavidLuiz44038d ago

and what are you trying to say there?

The_Devil_Hunter4038d ago


Wow, you must be kidding me. Apparently you have never injured yourself playing a sport. I tore my ACL and meniscus plus some cartilage and I have to tell you, when you injure yourself It can be sometimes traumatizing simply for the fact you dont want to go through another painful experience. Especially like me who traveled to a foreign country to fix it. A country of which Language I dont speak just to get the surgery.

@ Blackdeath_663
I agree with you!

buddymagoo4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I had someone stamp on me while playing rugby and a disc slipped in my spine. I know what pain feels like.

The_Devil_Hunter4038d ago

Then you should know if your career is on the line you must do everything to at your will to keep it.

ProjectVulcan4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Halloween is over, and no, you aren't Batman and you can't glide and this is partly why you get all these head injuries Mr Cech......

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Blackdeath_6634038d ago

what i found really funny was at first i thought he was cosplaying for the elder scrolls skyrim


Imagine if he breaks his jaw, I wonder what his mask will look like then.

kulka4038d ago

Is this some kind of tactic to scare opposition's striker or something :D