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Magpies drop St James' Park name

Newcastle United have controversially announced their ground will be known as the Sports Direct Arena with immediate effect, using owner Mike Ashley's high street brand.

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no_more_heroes4345d ago

And so the Newcastle hierarchy press on in their eternal mission to legendarily piss off Newcastle fans as much as humanly possible.

I'm sure it doesn't matter to the fans themselves though. They're definitely still gonna call it St. James Park. I only know the Emirates, since I only started watching football since 2006 World Cup, but I don't call it the Emirates anymore. I call it different nickname permutations of "Ashburton Grove" now. Leave the sponsor name to the commentators, tournament planners etc.

I need to devise some kind of cunning fund raising plan so that I can actually set foot in the Grove, at least once in my life.

kulka4344d ago

lol this will piss of newcastle fans

MaximusPrime4344d ago

When i heard that newcastle would rename their stadium, first name comes to my mind is Sports Direct. How right i was.

Ohhhh boyy.

Btw Industry analysts claim that this will make the club finding a sponsor tricky...
I totally agreed

buddymagoo4344d ago

Lol, you put 2 and 2 together and got 4. Nothing to be proud of.

kane_lfc4343d ago

Mike Ashley sells stadium naming rights for pies...