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Theo: England should copy Arsenal

Theo Walcott believes England could beat Spain if they implement similar tactics to his club Arsenal.

World and European champions Spain are expected to pose a fierce test to England when they travel to Wembley on Saturday.

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no_more_heroes4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Oh boy. Such an unfortunately sensational headline. No points for guessing what's gonna happen now (it's already in full swing in the article's comment section).

Never mind the fact that he actually has a point. However, knowing is one thing, actually doing it without literally being paralyzed with fear is something else entirely. It's also the same kind of thing that Bilbao did against Barcelona this past weekend and if not for a late Messi equaliser, would have succeeded with. Even Hospitalet nearly succeded with it in yesterday's Copa Del Rey match against them.

kulka4340d ago

only way to beat Spain is to actully play even quicker than them you must have a good day nothing can go wrong