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Liverpool FC: Is it Too Early To Blame the Summer Buys?

BR - The game week gone by had a lot of lessons for Liverpool FC to learn from. Considering Manchester City and Manchester United a certainty to finish in the top four, the other contenders for the remaining two places gave a good account of what could be the deciding factor in a possible cutthroat race for the top four positions in the league.

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kulka3884d ago

Downing lacks something to make him top class but i think we should wait till christmas see how he does hopefully we did not waste 20 milion for a flop

Anderson83883d ago

downing was never going to be great for you like with england he can never produce when it realy matters.. that said you guys are higher at this stage of the season then you were last so i dont think its that bad you cant rebuild a team in 1 season.. still, long may your inconsistent for continue

Gamer19823883d ago

Downing was always going to fail he just wasnt good enough for a top 4 team he is a cheap Adam Johnson. Should have bought SWP from us instead for less than half the price and would have got more bang or your buck. King Kenny like throwing money at average players though Caroll is a perfect example. As great as you think he may be on the field as a manager transfers aren't his forte and his only great buy so far has been Suarez who you was linked to before he even joined.

kane_lfc3883d ago

If we finish in the top 4, no.