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Highlights: L'Hospitalet 0-1 Barcelona (Copa Del Rey 4th Round - 09/11/11)

0-1 A. Iniesta 42'

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ohahCantona3888d ago

didn`t know they were playing this week. Isn`t it international week this week?

no_more_heroes3888d ago

this was pushed up to Wednesday because of Barcelona's Club World Cup participation.

Corepred43887d ago

As much as I don't like iniesta, i have to say he scores some impressive goals.

kulka3887d ago

who the hell are hospitaliet lol

no_more_heroes3887d ago

Barcelona's version to Madrid's Getafe apparently: a small town on the outskirts of Barcelona. So, technically speaking, this was a "local" Catalan derby.

Probably explains why they were able to put up such resistance.

kulka3887d ago

thanks :) yes they were pretty good it took Iniesta cracker to seperate them