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Pele: Messi not a 'great' player

Brazil legend Pele has cast his doubts on whether Barcelona's Lionel Messi can be considered a 'great' in football.

The Barcelona ace has gained worldwide acclaim as the best footballer on the planet and possibly the best ever in the history of the game.

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kulka4338d ago

He's just opposition's nightmare

Nes_Daze4338d ago

What is wrong with Pele? He seems so jealous or envious, I don't know why he would be. Perhaps he feels like he's so old school and nobody gives a shit about what he has to say? Or perhaps he cries to himself at night. I'd be embarrassed to be a fan of his, thank god Messi doesn't act like that..yet.

oli4338d ago

let's hope he doesn't act like that, acting like that is what makes cristiano look bad right now, and Neymar seems to be going down the same path

Sahil4337d ago

first he says neymar can be like messi....then he says messi is not a great is he saying that neymar is not going to be a great player?