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Arsenal FC: Ranking Arsene Wenger's 10 Biggest Flop Signings

BR - One of the strange contradictions of Arsene Wenger's illustrious reign as Arsenal manager is that he is often implored to spend big, despite an extremely shaky track record.

Even a manager with as keen an eye for talent as Wenger is inevitably going to get it wrong on occasion in the transfer market.

But Wenger's biggest mistakes have coincided with the biggest prices paid. Usually if a team spends big on a player, they do so secure in the knowledge that they are getting a guaranteed performer.

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Yi-Long4335d ago

.... Wenger brought on Reyes in the CL final against Barca, instead of Bergkamp.

The whole match shouted for a Bergkamp, considering Henry was lost on an island somewhere up front, with no-one in the Arsenal squad able to reach him...

In fact, I can't believe how many times Bergkamp was benched in order for players like Reyes, Wiltord and Suker to get the opportunity to fail, and fail, and fail again.