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Highlights: Germany 3-0 Netherlands (International Friendly - 15/11/11)

1-0 T. Müller 15'
2-0 M. Klose 26'
3-0 M. Özil 66'

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kulka3878d ago

fair play to Germany expected this to be very even but the scoreline looks horrific

Yi-Long3878d ago

... by a far superiour Germany.

No excuses. They were just far better than us.

zico3877d ago

My favorite to the Euro title: Germany! Playing great football, lovely to see and a "new" generation with good and funny footballskills

badz1493877d ago

at his age, he still has deadliest head in the world!

freeduck3878d ago

Reason why Germany so successful
1) Deadliest counterattacks I have ever seen
2) Players are very unselfish

Sahil3878d ago

EURO 2012 is gonna be one hell of a tourn!

Anderson83877d ago

germany may win this one or atleast get to the final

ngecenk3878d ago

unselfish indeed, couldnt agree more!

KingPin3878d ago

if ever there was a reason why teamwork is important, look no further than THIS.

Jihaad_cpt3878d ago

Germany is looking very good

zico3877d ago

My new favorites to Euro 2012.
Germany vs Spain in the final.....

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rowdyBOY3878d ago

was van persie playing ?

Corepred43878d ago

wouldn't have helped today.

kulka3877d ago

Germany look very strong indeed they have a young team which can only get better

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