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Arsenal Transfer Talk: 5 Reasons Why the Gunners Should Sign Carlos Tevez

BR - Carlos Tevez has been linked to every team under the sun. Except one team that is. No one in World Football thinks that Arsenal is interested in Carlos Tevez.

Arsenal should be interested in Tevez though! How often do you get the chance to grab a quality striker for a bargain discount? Tevez would be a great investment for the team, offering up a high rate of return.

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kulka4402d ago

no Tevez is not needed he would destroy the dressing room atmosphere

KingPin4401d ago

people can give 5 reason why a team would need tevez, but there is a 1000 reason why not to sign the idiot.

Gamer19824400d ago

As much as I would like bad things to happen to our rivals in terms of results on the pitch I wouldn't wish Carlos on any team. He deserves to be hung out to dry for all he's done and I hope we never see him in the PL again.
Plus Arsenal would have to break wage structure for him so not gonna happen. They wouldn't break it for Fabregas, Nasri or RVP.