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Highlights: Costa Rica 2-2 Spain (International Friendly - 15/11/11)

1-0 R. Brenes 31'
2-0 J. Campbell 42'
2-1 D. Silva 83'
2-2 D. Villa 90' +2'

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Corepred44398d ago

Hmm, if this keeps up I can see Spain losing their number 1 spot soon. Especially the way Germany has been dominating!

kulka4398d ago

not yet those friendly games don't really count as much if Germany was to win the Euroes then yes they will move above Spain

HxCGamer4397d ago

There is no doubt spain and germany are the best teams in the world.

If you saw this game spain made two mistakes haha the one involving iker was specially terrible.

And is it just me or is puyol getting too old. Pique and Ramos should be the CBs