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Luis Suarez charged by FA following alleged racist abuse towards Manchester United's Patrice Evra

It has been announced that the Uruguayan striker will face disciplinary action after the Red Devil's full back reported the incident after the derby at Anfield in October.

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buddymagoo3883d ago

I'd like to hear what the people who called Evra a liar have to say???

Sahil3883d ago

Charged means they will investigate it not that guilt has been established. STILL NO EVIDENCE. I'm sure the FA would have liked to have swept this under the carpet. They haven't so Terry will be charged next.

Let's see how the club and player respond and let's see how an official hearing turns out.

buddymagoo3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Charged means he has been charged and has to answer for himself. If you have been charged with murder it is not under investigation. It means they HAVE evidence.

Sahil3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

"It is ALLEGED that Suarez used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra contrary to FA rules," the statement read."

Meaning of ALLEGED: Said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality.


Declared but not proved.

"Charged with murder"

you seem to know a lot about this.. i wonder why.

buddymagoo3882d ago

It's not just Evra making the ALLEGATION any more. It is now the FA that is making the ALLEGATION.

ProjectVulcan3882d ago

The fact that the FA have charged Suarez must lead us all to assume the FA have found grounds upon which to base an accusation and case against him.

This is not the final decision, but as the FA have already conducted a thorough investigation and hold all the evidence, it seems to me it will be difficult for Suarez to face these charges and come out innocent.

This is not a court of law lets not forget, when the FA charge, they usually feel they have conclusive evidence and reason to do so. Hearing Suarez's opinion in an appeals process will i suspect be just a formality and determine the harshness of punishment....

RedDevils3883d ago

I agree with Sahil, he been Charged doesn't mean he been found guilty, make this short, Suarez is still innocent until proven guilty

Anderson83882d ago

buddymagoo is right he's been charged by the FA and he's facing a 6match ban.. learn the facts before you blindly defend him just because he plays for your team


I don't know why but I got this strange feeling that all the Liverpool fans are gona defend Suarez and all the Utd fans are going to defend Evra.

kane_lfc3882d ago

If there where actually evidence of him being racist then I wouldn't defend him...but there isn' im going to defend him.

zeddy3883d ago

i wonder how long the ban will be if his appeal fails? 5-6 months. one things for sure if he does get banned expect some trouble in liverpool.

Infernostew3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

If the FA do find him guilty of racial abuse, I hope they set an example of him with a harsh punishment. If this were the other way around, then I would hope that Evra would have the same long punishment even as a United supporter. In this day and age, racism is unforgivable and doesn't belong in such a beautiful game as football. They need to put and end to it quickly, especially with multiple accusations of racism within a couple months time.

kulka3882d ago

There is lack of evidence to punish him it is Evra's word against Suarez we have to wait and see but I doubt he will be punisshed

Infernostew3882d ago

Except for, you know, the match that was being recorded. Out of all the cameras that were filming the match for television, I'm sure there were a few focused on their little scuffle. They also have equipment to enhance audio too. If the FA didn't have any evidence then they wouldn't have charge Suarez and the investigation would've been dropped.