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Manchester City announce biggest ever loss in English football

Manchester City have announced the biggest loss in English football history, £197m for the most recent financial year. The loss on that huge scale, bankrolled by the club's oil-rich owner, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan during the third year since he bought City in 2008, eclipses the previous biggest loss ever made, £141m by Chelsea in 2005, the second year of their ownership by the oil oligarch Roman Abramovich.

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ohahCantona3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

it should not have been legal!! Where is FIFA. A rule must change this

buddymagoo3878d ago

Complete and utter joke of a football club. They should be relegated.

krazykombatant3878d ago

LOOL your A** still sore from that 6-1 beating they gave you man u guys XD!!

buddymagoo3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I just think £500,000 a day could be going to a better cause like feeding impoverished children building homes for young people, helping the elderly. Instead it is wasted away on some sugar daddys hobby. I suppose that is the state of the world today.

HxCGamer3878d ago


that is the stupidest thing i have read. I mean yes i agree with the fact that money should be going for better cause, but judging man city on that fact is quite hypocritical. Just because one club spends more money than others it doesn't make them that much guiltier than the others.

Every club, including your beloved man u, should be spending the money for better causes. But, nonetheless, that is not going to happen.

buddymagoo3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )


Spending money is fine, when it is earned. Spending money and making loses is the reason why we have recessions and I don't hear people praising bankers for making loses like this.

How can anyone put a positive spin on "biggest ever loss in English football"

Open your eyes, this is just plain wrong! It's funny how that because City now have money people defend them, when before no one was interested in them. What's that say about yourselves defending this?

Gamer19823872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

And your 400+ million debt should be allowed? Grow up will you. FFP forced Citys hands if it never happened City could have took longer to buy players and build a top squad.FFP and UEFA forced them to buy before it came into power. Any idiot knows this.

Also as for spending what you make. Thats something people say who dont want clubs to get bigger. Clubs have to spend outside there budgets to get bigger as to make more income. Chelsea did it as did a lot of other clubs. What a stupid thing to say. You just don't like it City are 5 points clear right now and still unbeaten in the PL. Money cannot buy that it only buys players not team spirit.

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Si-Fly3878d ago

There's help line if you're aggrieved... you probably know it though...

kulka3878d ago

wasn't the finacial fair play rules meant to start this year ? or next year City should be banned

Gamer19823872d ago

Next thats why City were forced to spend so much in such a short time. UEFA forced citys hand and thats why they have nearly 3 players for every position and all relatively young too.

Corepred43878d ago

Off topic: Do you guys ever wonder how rich these oil guys are. Not American ones. The middle east ones. GEEZ!!

imtiyaz63878d ago

I live in the Middle East. Believe me, they're the most extravagant people on the planet!

mcstorm3878d ago

This is wrong the fa or fifa need to step in and change the rules because things like this spoil football. Yes its good to have city up there with united but they are therebecause of money being pumped into the club and no matter what they go on to win this season they will not recover that money. Clubs like united and arsenal ectwork hard to get where they are now. Yes they spent alot of money on players but no wherr near the money city have yet they still make money each year and are still in the top 4.

If fifa carry on letting people buy clubs like this then football is going to lose what its about. The fans. Players at city are not there because it waa there dream to play for city its becasue they get a big wage. But what happens when teams like city and Chelsea owners get bored of them who will buy them for the money they will want? Or will they just let the club die.

Owning a football club is a business not a hobby and to me it shoud be about making money and getting your club as high as possible not a spending spree to buy anyone you want for any price that is spoiling the game for everyone else.