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Highlights: Swansea City 0-1 Manchester United (English Premier League - 19/11/11)

0-1 Hernandez 11'

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topgeareasy3873d ago

further proof that man utd need Wesley sneijder

buddymagoo3873d ago

What?? Where are Inter in the league again, 16th. We won and I would rather bring through Pogba or Morrison.

topgeareasy3873d ago

as he said
Wesley Sneijder: Inter's substitutes are not good enough

a team is like a puzzle with him man utd will be near complete look how slow fletcher and giggs were.

no_more_heroes3873d ago

Dude, QPR (who won at the Britannia today), Norwich and Swansea are the very definitions of the phrase "wild card". I seriously have a bit of a soft spot for them now, especially Swansea. I hope all three stay up, because they're a breath of fresh air in the league.

Remember also that QPR actually have money now as well, so it will be interesting to see what they do in next summer's transfer window.

I hope they don't go mixed-peanut-banana-cake crazy with their money like Man City though.

Anderson83870d ago

yes i also hope swansea stay.. they play some great football, like blackpool but with a better defense

mcstorm3872d ago

Well looks like united have goneback to basics again so we score one or two goals a game but look solid at the back. We were not amazing today but Carrick had a good game for once but he need to keep it up and get cleb back in midfield with young on the left and nani of val on the right we are strong enough to go on and catch cityup but we do need to bring on 2 midfielders in January and a right back then we will be able to be one of the strongest squads in the world.

KingPin3872d ago

i agree with you but i dont think we need a right back. rafael is good enough his just injured at the moment. but i think fabio plays well. given more match time the twins will be a success at man united.

mcstorm3872d ago

I agree with you but we dont really have cover for when he is not fit and at the moment theyare not very good at staying fit.

Gamer19823870d ago

They have gone back to basics but the goals have completely dried up. The last two games have been won by an own goal and a gifted goal so they have lucked out. They should have dropped 4 points but they have always had that little bit of luck no other team has and thats why they are champions more times than any other team. However it can only get you so far as they found out against City.

mcstorm3870d ago

I have to disagree with you there. Yes the free 3 4 goals a game has now stopped but when we were scoring that many we were letting them in too. United are now looking solid at the back again and this is what wins you the league in the premier ship look at the last 20 years of champions not just united but the gunners and Chelsea they were all solid at the back when they won the league and in the premiership you can't expect to win every game with ease and by that many goals as the lower league teams are up for top 4 games so they dont very often get a easy game and a sign of champions is about getting one chance and taking it this is what united are doing at the moment the teams below are not. City have come out the gate very fast but they still have Chelsea arsenal and Liverpool to play as well as the 2nd half of the season where they will be going for all the cups just like united and they will start to be streched just like last year and this is when we know if city will be able to win the league. Saf is not often wrong with the teams he has and squads. Yes city beat 10 men united 6 - 1 but Chelsea and Newcastle have beat us by 5 goals in the past and we have gone on to win the league so it will be an interesting season and could be one of the best ever.

Gamer19823867d ago

Gotta disagree City had the most clean sheets in the league last year and that didn't win them the league we came joint second (3rd on GD) so clean sheets and 1 goal isn't enough to win you titles. Utd once again are riding there luck