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Highlights: Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool (English Premier League - 20/11/11)

33' Rodriguez
55' Sturridge
87' Johnson

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Sahil3872d ago

great result. and didn't see it coming after we capitulated for much of the 2nd half.

johnson is some fucking quality player - he's got footballing technique and ability in abundance. we just need to get the best out of him, whatever position that may be.

the difference in the passing and movement with suarez, bellamy and maxi in the 1st half was notable - we need to make more use of these players.

still issues for me with the adam/lucas midfield and our sitting back too much in the 2nd half but let's just celebrate this result for now.

badz1493872d ago

I think Villas Boas should of better prepare a new resume and start packing those luggage up. Roman is not a happy man right now!

Gamer19823870d ago

Hmm Johnsons okay. If he was a top quality player people would be talking about him in the same vain as Gareth Bale. The only reason he keeps Micah Richards out the England squad Capello said is because Micah plays a differn't game at City and wouldn't fit into his England squad. He scores 1 deent goal and now hes a quality player? He's far from it. The signs were there when you bought him.. Only Liverpool came knocking.

freeduck3872d ago

King Kenny was spot on with his tactics. Bellamy, Maxi and Adam played fantastic.

Fun seeing Meireles and Torres in the last ten minutes see their side lose.

KingPin3871d ago

speaking of tactics, why is it that liverpool come out against big teams but when it comes to play lower/weaker sides, they perform poorly.

great result for them BTW.

kane_lfc3872d ago

QPR have a better defence than Chelsea...

ohahCantona3871d ago

you should not joke about QPR!

Gamer19823870d ago

I agree QPR are becoming a tough team in fact I would go so far as to say they are the new Stoke. They were a pain to beat at home thanks to great tactics and a small pitch.

kane_lfc3872d ago

GJ's goal gets better every time I watch it...

kulka3872d ago

very good result deserved victory Chelsea need to work on defending Luiz and Mikel were terrible

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The story is too old to be commented.