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Has André Villas-Boas Failed Already?

Chelsea continues to struggle under the management of André Villas-Boas who has refused to justify his massive buyout from Porto. Roman Abramovich had sacked Carlo Ancelotti for failing to fire up his team despite taking the lead before the mid-transfer window. Spending 50 Million pounds on Torres who scored twice against Chelsea at Anfield and another 35 Million Pounds on David Luiz was supposed to kick start another era of Chelsea dominance but things went sour and everything fell apart for carlo

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Gamer19824391d ago

I think so as he's 12 points away from the top now and still got City to play twice. I think Chelsea have already lost the title this year and at the best can get top 4 and it just shows how much of a mistake Abramovich made in employing him.

Jalapenoshaker4388d ago

Hard to say that he has actually. I mean, yeah, stats wise he has failed to live up to the expectation of leading Chelsea to the top. But hey, it's his first season and Chelsea are still a team that's hard to beat (not to mention most of the other big 4 are struggling as well). Perhaps he is suffering from the recoil of inexperience. He's never managed any Premier League team before this (apart from being under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea that is). Also, he did inherit a really aging squad. He needs to steer Chelsea to a good finish and then start an overhaul of the entire team. He hasnt failed entirely just yet. But that doesnt mean Ambramovich will spare the axe though. =|