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"Cleverley best Utd kid since Scholes"

Tom Cleverley is unquestionably the best youngster Manchester United have had since Paul Scholes, according to former United youth coach Eric Harrison.

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kane_lfc4332d ago

Hes not even that young or that good...infact hes average for his age of 22.

Gamer19824332d ago

I think he's a little better than average but he is overhyped but what else is new? Rooneys been overhyped since he's played for them.

Anderson84332d ago

yes yes, englands best striker who's widely regarded as one of the best players in the world is overhyped..

next you'll be saying james milner is the prems best midfielder aye?

kane_lfc4332d ago

Rooneys way to inconsistent...even Charlie Adam scored more than him last season.

guigsy4331d ago

City fans preaching their words of wisdom again. Rooney over hyped? You would have him at City in a heartbeat over that donkey up front Dzeko.

Cleverley has shown promise of a top class player for three seasons now, and United have been way better this season with him than without him. Comparisons to Scholes are premature that this point, but it's inevitable considering our need for more creativity in the heart of our midfield.

Gamer19824329d ago

haha you utd fans have no idea what your talking about I would never want Rooney at our club. As for swapping for Dzeko? No thanks they are both too inconstant. Rooney and Dzeko both score in droves then dry up its what they do.

But Berbatov scored more than Rooney last season for utd in fact has hes never even won the golden boot. Hes only once been the highest scorer at Manchester United! You all blamed Ronaldo for holding him back. When he left even Berbatov scored more than him! Proof he's over rated. So keep sprouting on about how great you THINK he is I will just show the facts that he isn't.
Milner isn't the best prem midfielder though.. Silva clearly is.

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zeddy4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

i dont think he's better than scholes but he's a lot better than we've already got. plus we didnt pay £20 million for him so its okay.

kulka4332d ago

he will develope as he is getting the games but I don't think he is as good as Scholes

GanjaMan4331d ago

No one will ever be good as scholes