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Jesus: Prem not the best in the world

Benfica coach Jorge Jesus has rejected the theory of the Premier League being the self-styled ''best league in the world''.

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Sahil4333d ago

am sorry, but i have to disagree with JESUS.. lol


Its ok, he'll forgive you.

cozmo1954332d ago

God dammit Christ. I thought I told you to stay in heaven.

Jalapenoshaker4330d ago

This has been debated for quite some time. It's really a Two sided coin and based on how you look at it. This season, the Big teams in the Premier League had shaky starts. The La Liga has been gaining popularity consistently mainly because Barca and Real Madrid have been putting in stunning performances. The Germans are also pretty good and their players are highly wanted in the Market along with the Spanish players. Meanwhile, the Premier League is not really filled with English Players. There are some plying their trade for the clubs, but it's hard to ignore the fact that the real stars of the premier League are of other nationalities. This is probably why The Premier League could be considered not as good as the other leagues mentioned above. On the other hand, The Premier League is pretty interesting. From the top of the table to the relegation zone. Every bottom team is capable of a giant killing feat. Don't see that very often at the La Liga (the top 2 teams just keep smacking them! :D). So I wouldnt say that the Premier League is out of the race for the title of "Best league in the world". Cheers!