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Highlights: Napoli 2-1 Manchester City (UEFA Champions League Group A - 22/11/11)

1-0 Cavani 17'
1-1 Balotelli 33'
2-1 Cavani 49'

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ProjectVulcan4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Europa league beckoning. Barcelona might not be too worried about their Manchester City 'equals' just yet....

Napoli really showed their resolve and quality tonight. They will be a tricky draw in the knockout stages which they should now reach at the expense of City

buddymagoo4320d ago

All I will say is Nasri will be screwing he left Arsenal. And he had the cheek to call Ade and Gallas a traitor. All for money.

Domer254320d ago

F@ck Yeaaaaaaahhh
You're a beast cavani.......

kulka4321d ago

no one will want to get Napoli in the knock out rounds if they finish the job at Villareal they are one of the most solid teams in the competition

GanjaMan4321d ago

City just haven't found their foot in champions league football, maybe next season.

Gamer19824320d ago

Indeed its there first year in there and a tough group. This will be a learning experience for the players and Mancini and it does mean they can concentrate more on the league if knocked out as Mancini will probably play backup players in Europa.

DavidLuiz44320d ago

Why not add Cavani To Your Squad? lol Another Valuable Forward that would BENCHED!

neoragex4320d ago

"Mancini will probably play backup players in Europa."

so you've given up on qualifying for the Ro16.. are you a real fan?

Anderson84320d ago

cant buy the champions league.. guess you learned nothing from real madrid.. i think it will be a year or two, an probs another 100mil knowing them, before city are a force in europe

HxCGamer4320d ago


Madrid buys players but then always makes more revenue and always is in the positive numbers, so do not compare them Manchester City.

It is just good business.

And manchester united uses a lot of money too... stop acting like you guys achieved everything you have, lately, without spending a dime. When teams go on spending sprees it seems lk man u fans always judge... real madrid, chelsea, manchester city.

Ultimately, a big reason for why ManU's expenses have been less than they should be was, in fact, because real madrid gave you 80mil for ronaldo... so a thanks would be great =]

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mcstorm4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Lol I thought City were on Par with Barca? Welcome to the big boy league city just because the other teams you play dont have the money you have dose not mean you will beat them.

No lets see how you bounce back against Liverpool at weekend as this is what being in the top 4 is all about.

Also well done Napoli you scored 2 nice goals.

Corepred44315d ago

Don't jump on Barca just yet. Remember Getafe 1-0 Barca. Shouldn't bring up comparisons when the team just lost an easy match. Anything can happen just wait and see.

mcstorm4315d ago

I agree with you im a united fan so i know a small team can beat a big team. But what is making me lol about city at the mo is all he fans i speak to at the mo keep telling me city are better than barca and they will walk he league and will grt to the final of he champions league. I keep dont run before you can walk but they wont take it. Yes they are looking a good side at the moment but so were newcastle when they were 12 points clear and so were Chelsea last season at the beginning of the season but look what happend there. I have no dout in my mind city will win the league in the next 3 or 4 seasions but not this year as when it gets to the latter half of the season itgets hard for the top 4 teams and anything can happen.

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