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Highlights: Valencia 7-0 Racing Genk (UEFA Champions League Group E - 23/11/11)

10' Jonas
13' Roberto Soldado
36' Roberto Soldado
39' Roberto Soldado
68' Pablo Hernández
70' Aritz Aduriz
81' Tino Costa

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freeduck4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Liverpool's CL record of 8-0 against Besiktas still stands :P

Chelsea are going to have a tough time against this team.
A draw is all Valencia needs to move on.

buddymagoo4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Lol is this what has become of Liverpool fans, lol.

Valencia playing really well even though they have lost a few big name players in the past. I wonder where Soldado will end up, I think Chelsea.

zico4394d ago

I hope he will stay in Valencia. Laliga need someone who can take the title back from the big Barca and Real. And I think Valencia is the best team to do it.

unfortunately I Didn`t see yesterdays match...

kane_lfc4394d ago

Doubt he will go to Chelsea...

badz1494394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

taking back the crown from Barca or Madrid? the difference in points for the past several years indicates that it will not happen anytime soon and Soldado definitely won't make it happen either.

he's 1 player against the whole 2 best team in the world! plus, he scores a hat-rick for what, 2-3 times a year tops while Messi and Ronaldo score hat-ricks like they eat their breakfast!

Nes_Daze4393d ago

Valencia played the way I haven't seen Barca play in a while honestly. They made the defense of the opposing team look nonexistent. Valencia could've beat Real Madrid as well, but that early goal by Benzema kinda shook them.

kulka4393d ago

of Valencia keeps their players improves their squad a little bit more then they should challange Barca and real but too early now