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Golden boot on other foot as left-footers flourish in Premier League

Ferenc Puskas, Diego Maradona and Liam Brady: some of football's great entertainers have been left-foot maestros. With around 80% of the general population right-sided the allure of these exponents of the left was further enhanced by their exoticness. Now, in a new wave headed by Robin van Persie, Rafael van der Vaart, David Silva and Gareth Bale, the goalscoring trend in the Premier League is becoming an everyday tale of My Left Foot.

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Gamer19824322d ago

Except RVP the others havnt really been scoring in droves. VDV scores a few, Silva and Bale do more assists than goals and thats there jobs.

kulka4322d ago

World class left sided player is invaluable to any team