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Manchester United defender Phil Jones: ‘I don’t care how good you are, don’t write us off’

The 19-year-old believes the Premier League leaders are as vulnerable to pressure as anyone else, insisting that the Red Devils will pounce on any opportunity to overtake them.

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Gamer19824527d ago

Been at the club five minutes and talking like hes been there years..

Dakidog4527d ago

Nothing wrong with that, shows true competitive spirit and loyalty if you ask me.

kulka4526d ago

First they should focus on beating Basel who will be going out onto the pitch to knock United out

Gamer19824526d ago

Its an interesting year isnt it? We could end up with only Arsenal left in the CL this year. Imagine that? How weird would it be if Man U and Chelsea got knocked out this early? They are concentrating too much I feel on trying to catch City and taking there eye off the ball in Europe and it could cost them a LOT.

kulka4526d ago

yup if they fail to qualify from the group stage they will lose millions