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England should be able to produce talent to match Spain - former Arsenal defender Steve Bould

Current Gunners youth coach believes the Three Lions should have the talent similar to that of the World Champions and emulate their recent success.

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no_more_heroes3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

They should, but they don't. Not consistently enough anyway. England need to upgrade their stone-age approach to playing football: have the defenders and midfielders camp in their penalty area and launch the ball to the striker as if from a f*cking trebuchet.

kulka3867d ago

the culture is diffrent English players prefer more physical approach while in Spain they focus on technique it has always been this way

Anderson83867d ago

agreed, when your growing up as a kid technical ability doesnt count for much with grass roots coaches its all about size and strength.. england has the talent but the approach to football is different unfortunately