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Fifa Street Gets Messi

The phenominal Lionel Messi is taking his footballing talent to the Fifa Streets in March 2012. A new trailer has been released showing what Messi is going to be brining to the pitch.

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Jalapenoshaker3874d ago

Interesting. Not sure why this didnt happen earlier. Tevez was in it but not Messi. hmm. But well, at least that's fixed. :D


Messi used to be on the cover of PES, but Konami ditched him for PES 2012 and put Ronaldo on the cover. Now EA have signed Messi for their games, I'm assuming he will be on the front cover of FIFA 13 too.

Jalapenoshaker3874d ago

Haha yup. well, I'm a Madrid fan but I actually prefer Messi to be on the cover than Ronaldo cos he's pretty much like a much nicer person.

Corepred43874d ago

cause he's a nicer person?! LMFAO!! what the?!

sdtarm3874d ago

^yeah that means that CR is a cocky prick, do you understand english?

Corepred43874d ago

I understand english just fine. I'm just not a sensitive little girl with ugly taste in shoes. Who cares if someone is nicer?! It's just the cover of a video game. Last I remember Messi kicked the ball at fans, while Ronaldo gave a jersey to some guy he accidentally hit with the ball during the match.

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Snakefist303874d ago

I dont believe ur are a madrid fan!!

Jalapenoshaker3873d ago

aww. you dont believe I'm a Madrid fan? That's too bad then cos I am. haha. Yes, I know Ronaldo gave his jersey to that fan. But then again, the image he constantly portrays is pretty much arrogant. Messi on the other hand is more down to earth. In the case of someone with more grace, I would prefer that Messi is on the cover of PES or Fifa soccer. The beautiful game needs someone of the correct social stature to represent it.