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Kaka Will Move To Chelsea?

The Phenomenal achievements of a Kaka wasn't guaranteed him to enter the Real Madrid’s first team. Kaka who ever won the Best Footballer in the World in European level doesn’t always be the first choice of Jose Mourinho. The Mirror reported Real Madrid will most likely release this Brazilian national team player.

Is it true?how much will Chelsea pay?Is there any connections with Kaka's mother?

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MaximusPrime3910d ago

No thanks.I'd like RVP instead ;)

GanjaMan3910d ago

And that wont be happening anytime soon.

Corepred43910d ago

So far from what I've seen you guys should be happy with anybody you get lmao

sdtarm3908d ago

lmaooooo so funny... youre not

kulka3910d ago

RVP won't leave Arsenal for Chelsea he might go to Spain though

Infernostew3910d ago

He'll be as useful as Deco.

Snakefist303909d ago

Typical british journalism kaka willnot leave madrid!!

XboxInnovation3909d ago

Just go back to AC Milan already.

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