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Wesley Sneijder “Re-Targeted” by Manchester United

Injuries which experienced by some Manchester United’s players have caused difficulties for Sir Alex Ferguson to sharpen his team, just like what he did in beginning of the season.

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KingPin4524d ago

i dont think SAF should sign him.

he is too old. and man united are looking to build a new young team. how old is Wesley Sneijder now, 28/29?
he only has about 2 years left in him from what ive seen. not worth it really especially since seeing inters asking price is way too high.

id rather man united push to get hulk from porto <unlikely i know> but there are other younger talented midfielders out there.

Infernostew4524d ago

Hulk is extremely overrated and has a ridiculous buyout clause, something like 90 million.

topgeareasy4524d ago

we lack creativity in the midfield so signing him would be a no-brainier