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Roberto Mancini believes Liverpool players are to blame for Mario Balotelli red card

Italian happy with "awesome" point after 10-man visitors survive late pressure to restore five-point advantage at top of the Premier League.

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Gamer19824386d ago

Agreed the second yellow was un deserved it should have just been a free kick. The players surrounded the ref asking to get him sent off and they got there wish. Players shouldn't be able to get away with surrounding official and all that do should be carded. Happened in the united game too with the penalty shout but the ref held his cool and didn't give into player pressure. That sending off probably cost us 2 points but we will never know. One thing was for certain Liverpool couldn't crack our defence even when we had 10 men the only goal scored was an OG.

krazykombatant4385d ago

It used to be that only the Captains were allowed to get all over the ref. Thats the point of the captain to go argue. Now everyone bitches and gathers around the refs telling him what to do. *COUGH* BARCA *COUGH*

Nes_Daze4385d ago

You act like every other team is full of saints, *cough Real Madrid *cough. >_>

buddymagoo4385d ago

Players have always surrounded refs. Don't blame the players, blame the refs for being influenced which should not happen to a professional referee.

Gamer19824384d ago

@buddymagoo I actually agree with you somewhat. The ref should do something about it like book every one that surrounds them. But once that starts where will it end?

Sahil4385d ago

Liverpool FUCKING OWNED Man City!

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.


kulka4385d ago

Lol Ballotteli is on idiot and can only blame him self if you're elbowing a player you get a yellow in his case that was second yellow plus City got away with it thanks to Hart and our bad finishing

Nes_Daze4385d ago

He did bring it upon himself..the second time. The first yellow card was a bit unfair since the ref didn't call a foul on Liverpool from 6 seconds before balotelli made his foul.