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City and Liverpool go head-to-head in Carling Cup semi as giant-killers face off

Manchester City vs Liverpool

Crystal Palace vs Cardiff City

The two-legged semi-final will kick off in the week beginning January 9, with the second leg two weeks later.

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kulka3868d ago

hoped to avoid this but on the positive note if we progress we will be huge favourites for the final

freeduck3868d ago

Liverpool will play City 3 times in 3 consecutive weeks in January.

Going to be some really insane battles.
It won't be a game of who has better players.
It will all boil down to tactics, and which team has the better manager.

Don't know how much Mancini cares about the league cup but Liverpool are out to win it.

Sahil3868d ago

Perfect draw in my opinion.

Gamer19823868d ago

It was fixed so Utd got Cardiff but the FA didn't count on them getting knocked out.

buddymagoo3867d ago

Really?? Wow! Did you not see the draw live on TV!

Gamer19823866d ago

@buddymagoo - oh gimme a break! them draws have been fixed for years in utds favour I mean all the way through league cup you had an easy ride and you still couldn't get the job done even in Europe for years you had the easiest groups! Only deluded utd fans cant see anything wrong with the draws when other fans have been noticing it for years now. It's easy enough to do.

It's because utd make more money in the cups due to more people watching thanks to more fans. So they use all there power to try make sure they get through. Simple really thats the FA and UEFA would try squeeze every penny out the cups they can.

imtiyaz63868d ago

A match between two of the strongest teams in the league atm. Can't wait.

Gamer19823868d ago

Well it will be interesting as its over 2 legs. It was a stalemate at Liverpool so if City can do that again and get a win at home it should be a lot easier. But as we know nothings that simple in football as UTD found out last night.