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five reasons why Barcelona have been caught by Real Madrid after the 5-0 Clasico mauling

Tuesday marked the anniversary of the Catalans' famous victory at Camp Nou over Jose Mourinho's men, but 365 days on, things look rather different, with the capital side on top

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Corepred43865d ago

I'd like to hope so, but I'll wait til the game's are played.

Nes_Daze3865d ago

If Barca doesn't pick up their slack, it might be the other way around this time. I have hope for Barca, but they seriously need to improve their game if they want to beat Real Madrid.

dcortz20273865d ago

One game doesn't mean anything. Real Madrid will never be on Barcas level, and I'm not even a Barcelona fan! Sure Barca is not doing so hot right now, but one average or good season doesn't erase/change history. I still think Barcelona will win though.

Gamer19823864d ago

Still tough to call. Real are on fire right now and Barca are not. A bit like City were when they met United at OT. People thought United were gonna be the ones to finally end Citys streak and look how that turned out. Teams on a streak are hard to take down especially ones with the quality of City/Madrid. Makes for an extremely interesting match in most cases though!

GanjaMan3864d ago

when is the next classico?

Dakidog3864d ago

December 10th if I'm not mistaken.

krazykombatant3864d ago

Jesus, man u fans are really as uninformed as I have been led to believe. You talk that one game doesn't change anything??? It certainly told RM to get their act together ever since.

"one good or average season doesn't erase/change HISTORY." HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA HAHAHAHA

How about I give you a little history lesson my friend.

There have been a total of 162 matches.

RM has won 68
Barca has won 63
they've drawn 31

Thats just the league matches, with international matches its

RM 86
Barca 84
Draws 45

Therefore, I would say to you that a couple of good seasons doesn't change history of the fact that RM and Barca have been fairly close at each others throats. Only real difference is that we've won more championships. Even more than the 3 pathetic champions league cups that you have. Go back to your little hole and cry about the can of whoop *** that man city gave you AT HOME.

I hope we get Man u in the last 16. That way I don't have to hear your lousy excuses.

Now moving on to the match, I think it will be close it would be nice to stomp them and give them an embarrassing beating. However, I'm not that much of an optimist. I think 1-0, 2-0, 3-1 would be more than enough. Hell I would be happy with a 0-0. At this point barca are the ones that need to make the effort to catch up with RM.

Nes_Daze3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

I thought Barca had more domestic titles, not by much of course.I guess if you're talking league titles then yea RM leads. Should be interesting this month, hopefully no fights or unprofessional BS by both sides this time.

krazykombatant3864d ago


RM has won 59 Domestic Titles (League, cups, this is counting all the old titles for both teams)

Barca has won 61 Domestic Titles ( you have more Spanish super cups, we have more league titles). So you are right it is relatively close domestically.

Barca has 16 international cups, sooo 77 cups in total.

RM has 16 international cups so 75 titles in total. So its not that horrible both teams are close to one another.



I know its wikipedia sooo trust as far as you want.

But like i said more cups such as the super cup. We still win on the league and champions league number of titles ;P