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'The Premier League wants everything and they want it for nothing' – EPPP comes under fire

New regulations for youth development that allow top teams to snap up lower league talent for a compensatory fee have been denounced by domestic figures in football.

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no_more_heroes3863d ago

I love how the article uses a picture of an 18 year old we paid £15m for...

GanjaMan3863d ago

I swear it was 10 or 11mill

no_more_heroes3863d ago

that's the official fee, but apparently there are add-on that take it up to £15m.

Gamer19823862d ago

Its only really Arsenal thats been snapping up youngsters for next to nothing for years. Its a devious plan and on the border line of whether its good or bad. I'm not inclined either way as it can be good for the development of the player in some cases as the team buying them wil have better facilitys etc.. However most get dropped before they hit 21 and never heard of again. The other side of the coin is of course snapping up all the future talent for next to nothing from smaller teams who need the cash for the players.