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Highlights: Aston Villa 0-1 Manchester United (English Premier League - 03/12/11)

0-1 Jones 20'

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buddymagoo3864d ago

Nani has now assisted 18 Premier League goals since the start of the 2010/11 season; four more than any other player.

Gamer19823864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )
Try 5.. Where do you get your BS stats from? You just make them up right? David Silva has 10 twice the amount
(click statistics). Those are official statistics BTW. These same statistic also have 3 City players in the top 5 goalscorers right now (Adebayor is on loan though) .

guigsy3864d ago

Most people would realise immediately that the 2010/11 season was LAST SEASON. Switch on.

buddymagoo3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

From opta stats the one from Skysports, strange. It includes this and last season.!/optaj...

Gamer, you in this article because the City one is dead? Shame your Team can't covert those stats into the Champions League. See you in May.

Gamer19823863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Ah gotta strop drinking the beer so soon. I apologise even so David Silva is only 2 assists away from beating him on 16 so far. Also this season alone 41 – David Silva has created more chances and set up more goals (8) than any other player in the Premier League. Conductor. Thats from OPTA before the City match. 41 created at least and 10 converted this season alone. The fact is why you including last season I guess thats what threw me? As usual you united fans are taking about the past. We talk about the present.

As for CL I like most City fans don't really care much for it this season we are inexperienced as a team in the CL and need to grow. The premier league is what we want first and the CL will come next.

Oh yeah my image is also from OPTA Joe since you LOVE it so much for stats.

Anderson83863d ago

dude.. your on united stories more than i am... are you sure your supporting the right team ?

buddymagoo3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

All that ( stat shows is that City have not been tested yet and United have with a weakened squad. 250m to be 5 points in front and out of the Champions League, you should be ashamed!


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guigsy3864d ago

According to fantasy premier league his assists tally stands at 23 since the start of last season. Either way it was a sublime cross for Jones.

kane_lfc3863d ago

City are not the only top team doing badly in Europe...Dortmund, Chelsea and Man U are struggling in Europe.

GanjaMan3864d ago

Alot of 1-0 wins for united lately


I know but this was our best performance in a while, the Hernandez injury is the only bummer from the game.

GanjaMan3864d ago

is it a serious injury?


It's an ankle ligament injury, so i'm assuming it's 3-4 weeks out. It's comes at a bad time since Berbatov is also injured.

Gamer19823864d ago

Indeed since Hernandez is Uniteds main scorer right now as Rooney is going through his dry patch. Still somebody always manages to come along to get that goal they need and another 1-0 for them. The problem with playing for 1-0 is you can get caught out like they did against Newcastle.

dcortz20273864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

A win is a win. Good game, it sucks that Chicharito got injured. I hope it's nothing serious and I wish him the best in recovering from the injury and start playing again!

mcstorm3863d ago

There sure are but i rememnber a few seasons back unied went on a run of 1 0 wins over something like 13 games. If we were to do that again ide be happy. United are looking better at the back this season than city but city are looking better up top but im happy only bing 4 points off them at the mo with the amount of players we have out. City still have the hard part of he season to come yet so should make an interesting 2nd haf of the season as 1 loss and 3 draws will do me at this point.

kane_lfc3864d ago

Rooney hasnt scored since the 18th of September...whats up with him?


Well it's not like United have been scoring freely at the moment and Rooney has had to fill a midfield role lately because of injuries.