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Top Ten WORST Premier League Signings of 2011

Players who have either failed miserably to justify price tags or have just not taken well to life in the Premier League. Either way these ten have not impressed.

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GanjaMan3863d ago

Without even looking I knew who was gona be first ;)

Sahil3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Too early to judge the summer signings but then again It's CaughtOnTheLameSide.

kulka3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Give Carrol some time Lucas three years ago was a flop according to everyone now he is the best defensive midfider in the league Xabi Alonso was not known to anyone before coming to Liverpool few years on he was the best midfilder in the world Liverpool has a good track record at developing players even Daglish said Carroll is a 5 year investment

Gamer19823862d ago

Carroll is a completely differnt player though play you didnt pay a massive amount for Lucas. You cannot compare the two really. You guys made a mistake you picked up a player who had half a good season and that was silly. City did the same paying 18 million for Benjani after having have a great season. Although he won us a game at old trafford he was crap until we got rid. Lucas also showed talent for a couple of years before Liverpool signed him, Carroll again showed 6 months.

ProjectVulcan3862d ago

Liverpool are the most wasteful team in premier league history really when it comes to transfers. Only City and Chelsea have higher net spends, both those easily being able to afford that.

In fact their net spend over the past 20 years is something like 40 million more than Manchester United. For what? No titles. Down the drain....