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Brazil legend Socrates dies aged 57

It has been announced that the 60-time capped player has passed away, following a fight with illness

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zico4016d ago

tragic, one of my heros!

ohahCantona4016d ago

one of mt dads heros.....;-) but a true legend past away, only 57....

LovIbra4016d ago

a said week for everybody who loves football. First we heard about Speed and now Socrates.

kulka4016d ago

another sad news RIP Socrates one of football's great's

Ninjamonkey824016d ago

One of the finest midfielders ever to live. Broke all the rules when it came to fitness smoking drinking.

But somehow it never showed on the field. He was part of one of the finest brazil squads there was and damn was he creative.

Wasn't and there won't be many more like him. R.I.P.


It's sad, but was also a obvious resolution of his case. For those who haven't been following, he had been hospitalized a few months ago for problems with his liver and he almost died. Everyone knew it would come to this sooner than later... Even he knwe, Socrates was a doctor, he knew he case was irreversible.

Newer footballers should learn from this, everyone likes and is allowed to have fun, and this profession allows a lifestyle that will many times tempt you to party a lot. But remember that everything have consequences, so just protect yourself, be moderated.