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Top 4 Reasons Why Manchester City Will Win The Premier League Title

14 games played and still unbeaten, who can stop them? That remains a question for many and for which an answer have not yet be found.

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Gamer19823857d ago

4 top reasons though I think the defence is still our weakest point depth wise Kolorov is no good defensively and Zabaleta for all his effort doesn't have the skill to go with it. Plus with Kolo probably leaving that leaves 2 spots that need replacing.

proudly_X3857d ago

I thought kolorov was better than clichy, Kolorov makes more pull outs and can utilize free kicks..

Nedium .O is another great player, performed well against Arsenal in the carling cup, Zabaleta for me is just a little above average...

Gamer19823854d ago

Hes a terrible defnder should be a winger for those reasons he can pull players about and would make a great attacker plus has a mean fee kick but for defending? Watch the Napoli match in Naples although he wasn't at fault for the 2 goals he was shockingly bad. He can't defend for toffee.

kane_lfc3857d ago

Man City look like winning the prem but anything could happen.

dcortz20273856d ago

Manchester City are playing well, but I doubt their streak will last. I don't think they'll win it.