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We won't change anything against Bayern Munich - Roberto Mancini

Citizens have their work cut out as they must either take points off a team who remain undefeated in the group stage, or face being flushed down into the Europa League

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KingPin3862d ago

they better change something or they gonna lose again.

Gamer19823862d ago

I disagree Napoli was lost due to Zabaleta making 2 horrendous mistakes costing us the 3 points. If he actually plays Richards and Clitchy (who he hasn't played in CL) then we stand a chance. Zabaleta and Kolorov are not good enough for the prem let alone the CL.

buddymagoo3862d ago

No chance. 250m to be 5 points in front in the Premier League and out of the Champions League. Joe Royal would have done a better job. You wouldn't know who that is as you are new to City. Are you even from Manchester, where abouts?

krazykombatant3862d ago

They better if they expect to reach the last 16