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Hulk will only leave for £88m - agent

Manchester City have been warned that they will have to pay a world-record £88 million if they wish to sign FC Porto striker Hulk in the January transfer window.

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krazykombatant3946d ago

PFFfffffffffffFTTT For that amount of money I would just save a little bit more and try to go for messi.

kulka3946d ago

35 milion looks more like it :)

Anderson83946d ago

dont even think hes worth that much

Theo11303946d ago

really? I think he was better than falcao, and he went for 30 mill.

RedDevils3946d ago

I think 40ml will be enough hell Hazard cost 40ml

ngecenk3946d ago

i didnt even know this guy until i read this news. 88? u kidding me?

dcortz20273946d ago

I think I have heard of this guy before. 88 million? They cant be serious.. Silly City!

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