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Suarez courts more controversy

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is the subject of yet another heated altercation, with the Uruguayan alleged to have made a rude gesture toward Fulham fans.

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johnsonbat3860d ago

This guy makes Liverpool interesting.

silvacrest3859d ago

suarez is trash and shows it every match, alleged racist, insulting opposition fans, constant diving....all in his first season too

Gamer19823858d ago

Trash is a bit of a strong word. I strongly dislike his ethics but he has quality shame he acts the way he does but he plays for Liverpool so he gets away with it most the time. For proof of what I mean compare him to Balotelli who hasn't done half as bad as he has yet Mario always gets the headlines. Not sticking up for Mario here just pointing out Suarez needs to be taught a harsh lesson and maybe he will get on track and be the player Liverpool need him to be as Carroll certainly ain't going to be that guy.

silvacrest3858d ago

i agree that hes a quality player but as for a human being? hes trash