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Neymar: I Want Barca To Beat Real

The Brazilian international star has insisted that he wants Barcelona to Beat Real Madrid in Saturday’s Clasico clash, the prolific striker is backing his compatriots Dani Alves and Adriano in this weekend’s match at the Bernabeu and also revealed that he hopes to one day play alongside Xavi and Messi.

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krazykombatant3857d ago

LOL, I think this kid bipolar..

I think he wants Barca to beat RM so that he can ask for more money.

If he wants to play with barca, he would want them to lose thereby, barca turning their attention on him.



Yeah that must be his evil little plan.

krazykombatant3857d ago

Well idk what to say, personally I think hes a moron, talking about matters in europe. As of now hes irrelevant outside of brazil.

RedDevils3857d ago

"excellent...Muahahahahaa "

KingPin3857d ago

i think this kid is like the second most irritating footballer. a certain mario balotelli takes top spot for that.