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Mancini unhappy with Bayern

Roberto Mancini says he intends to confront Bayern Munich chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge about his criticism of Manchester City's spending.

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Mih_Ronoh3898d ago

Its true though the only reason that Manchester City is do great this season, is because they are owned by a billionaire. But Mancini is correct in saying that people are afraid of City as it could become one of the top clubs in the world. As a Man United fan, the 6-1 loss to City was an Eye-opener, too long have United looked down on City because of our superb record in England, but now City is catching up with United. I will not say that they are better, but United need to be wary of the threat that City has become.

KingPin3898d ago

catch up with united? seriously?

i dont think so at all. sure, short term maybe. but long term, not a chance. mainly because city bought an entire team <whichever way you spin it, they spent good millions buying enough players to build a team> a team that has about 25 guys all around the same age. the problem with that is the entire team will reach there peak and fade away at the same time. <kind of like what chelsea had last season and this season to an extent> there is no youth in man city team for the future.

whereas you look at man united, they have mixture of experience needed for today, and the youth to lead the club in future. look how hard chelsea is finding it to build a youthful team now. Man city is going to face the same issues when the crop days are up.

so yeah, short term they might be on par/better than united. long term, they far from it.

buddymagoo3898d ago

When they win 19 league titles then they would have caught up to The mighty Manchester United

United Never Die!

ProjectVulcan3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Indeed City's model is unsustainable and by that i mean specifically for them too. Their revenue is still short of HALF Manchester United's and that INCLUDES the new deals that have been brokered sponsorship wise.

Man City cannot nearly afford what they are spending in just wages annually, let alone all the other costs involved in running a club, and the regulations governing finances come in next year.

Its bad news when your wage budget alone easily exceeds your total yearly revenue. It has taken Chelsea nearly 10 years to double their income, and they started off from quite a strong position initially. Despite this growth, they have still NOT TURNED A SINGLE PROFIT, usually losing more money than what the regulations would allow.

What chance do City have of meeting these regulations then? Pretty much nil. It will be tight for Chelsea let alone City who have spent even more.

The only question is what punishment is levied on clubs that breach these rules....

The difference is although Manchester United have debts burdened on them by the owners, they are clearly a much, much, much bigger club than City glancing just at revenues. This is not going to change in the next decade, as Chelsea have demonstrated.

kulka3898d ago

Well not really city have invested a lot of money into youth academy they signed some of Europe's greatest prospects they a team superior to United at the moment but let's wait and see

dcortz20273898d ago

The truth hurts doesn't it?

Baka-akaB3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

WHy do city-zens always feel the need to defend that fact ? Yes you spent lots of money to build a team ... so what ? Some other great clubs did at some point in the past , and you gotta start somewhere if you do indeed chase trophies that much .

What matters now is how you handle that bling bling team and what you accomplish with it .

You dont have to be that ashamed of spending during a period to get somewhere . But you will obviously if it's a flop and complete wash .

Mih_Ronoh3898d ago

I agree that Manchester City will not completely catch up with united until, they close in on their record of 19 top tier titles, but you cannot deny the threat that city has become. @KingPin you are correct in saying that City bought their team, United does have the international experience to succeed. but as of right now City are the main title contenders! As I stated I am a hardcore Man United fan, I love everything about the team, and as of right now we have to admit that Man City is the better team in Manchester. I hate to say it, and Man United will bounce back they always do. I am sure that City will fall and United will retain the title for a 20th time.

Glory Glory Man United!!