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Highlights: Olympiakos 3-1 Arsenal (UEFA Champions League Group F - 06/12/11)

1-0 R. Djebbour 16'
2-0 D. Fuster 36'
2-1 Y. Benayoun 57'
3-1 F. Modesto 89'

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no_more_heroes3865d ago

Well, that's why they can't and won't get many games. This was supposed to be the chance for some of them to stand up and be counted, but they completely failed. They never looked interested at all.

kulka3865d ago

It was never going to be easy for Arsenal Olympiakos are not bad when they play at home

GanjaMan3865d ago

Did olympiakos go through to the knock out stages or not?

no_more_heroes3865d ago

Nope, Marseille scored two goals in the last 5 mins to beat Dortmund 2-3. So they get flushed down to the Europa League.

Corepred43865d ago

I feel like an idiot but I always have a hard time figuring out offside when it bounces off the post or the goalkeeper like on that last goal. Shouldn't that have been offside? What if it was the same play but it bounced off the keeper instead, offside then? Appeciated, thanks.

no_more_heroes3865d ago

I think the argument is that when the ball was originally headed, the player was just about onside. If he was behind the defenders before the ball was headed toward goal, then he'd be offside.

HxCGamer3865d ago

if the player was onside, the last time someone from their team touched the ball then it is onside, whether it hit the post or the keeper it doesnt matter

Of course the same applies for offsides; if someone kicks the ball from far away while you are offside and it bounces off the post, and you recieve the volley when you are back onside, then you are still offside.

The only thing that matters is your position the last time a teammate touched the ball

kulka3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

And imagine how hardi it is for referees to get it right hope technology comes soon