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Liverpool FC: Luis Suarez Needs to Realise What Is Acceptable and Fast

BR - By now, the hyper-critical vultures have been circling around Luis Suarez' most recent transgression as the frustrated player flipped the bird at the Fulham fans on Monday night.

There has certainly been a mixed reaction to the player—both before and after this latest incident —but there's definitely no defending it.

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Yi-Long3858d ago

... and sadly, a slightly slower brain.

That means he reacts on instincts, he reacts on emotions, and that's what makes him great and unpredictable on the pitch as a player, but it also can cause some of the behaviour that we normally don't want to see.

Gamer19823858d ago

Indeed he needs to act a bit more mature.

Computersaysno3857d ago

He needs to sort out his behaviour. Not the only player that needs to either but his record says it all