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MLS: 10 Things It Does Better Than the Premier League

BR - Some people don’t realize that the English Premier League is only a few years older than Major League Soccer. Nevertheless, it’s the tradition of the soccer teams in England that has allowed the EPL to become one of the best leagues in the world.

Yet, the little ‘ole MLS has thrived in the United States, and even though not at the caliber of the EPL, there are several things that MLS was done better than the EPL over the last decade of its existence.

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freeduck3854d ago

I'm an American and I must say the MLS is improving, but the football and tactics need to improve if the US national team is to compete with top-class national teams.
Pass-and-move football should be adopted, and less hoofing.

buddymagoo3854d ago

American? mmm... interesting.

Gamer19823853d ago

MLS is improving I'll give you that and the US have developed a couple of decent players lately like Donovan who can walk into most premier league sides but the fact I say that proves which league is superior as its not the other way round. Any premier league player could practically walk into any MLS side where as its definetly not true of the other way around this is because of the pull more than anything. Something the US are trying to change but the Americans themselves are the people who are not interested.

kane_lfc3853d ago

The MLS is the worst league in the world...would rather watch paint dry than watch that apsolute trash.

krazykombatant3853d ago

MLS is still in its very infant stage. Give it time to develop. I haven't been able to follow it at over the past two years since I moved to the UK, but still I believe teams are expanding. It will be interesting how americans handle relegation though.

GanjaMan3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Too many Americans are too ignorant to watch football because they think its for pussies and would rather watch NFL even though NFL is also for pussies because they are all padded up unlike a real mans sport like rugby!

+ You've got to admit the football is much better here and just out of curiosity who do you support in the world cup england or u.s?

krazykombatant3853d ago

@ganjaman, I will admit that many americans are ignorant when it comes to football or "soccer" as they call it. I've lived in the U.S for enough years to be able to see that. However, I wouldn't say that American Football is not a man's sport. The hits they give each other are a lot more brutal than the ones in Rugby, sure there isn't padding but I haven't seen as many painful hits in rugby as I've seen in American Football. So props to american football as well.

I'm actually not American nor am I english. I'm from Venezuela. So i support my country in the qualifying and then in the world cup i support countries from south america. But i've lived in the US, canada and now the UK.