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Liverpool FC: 5 Reasons Why Kenny Dalglish Won't Sell Andy Carroll

BR - There have been many completely justified arguments made by Liverpool fans for the club to sell Andy Carroll as soon as possible. However, this viewpoint is often coupled with recommendations to purchase a "world-class" replacement. Furthermore, instructions arise for the club to buy five more players from outside the Premier League, a fantasy shopping list of unproven players who at one point or another have shown a turn of pace or delicious piece of skill.

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freeduck3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Because his contract is for 5 and half years, not one season.

He's 22, he can only only improve. It's not like we signed someone who's peak is fading away.

Dalglish transformed Shearer into a monster, and he can do the same with Carroll. Patience my friends

Gamer19823852d ago

I hate that "he can only improve" bit as its not entirely true is it? Some people can hit there limit even at an early age. Nothing he has done except for half a season wonder at a completly differnt team with a differnt setup shows he can actually do what Liverpool needs from the guy. Plus your really gonna compare him to Shearer? FOR SHAME! Respect point lost...

neoragex3852d ago

"Some people can hit there limit even at an early age"

and some cannot, some take time.

He basically means caroll cannot get worse, he can only get better or stay the same.

Gamer19823852d ago

Torres is proof players can get worse even at a young age I mean sure he's older than Carroll but Torres is at his peak for a striker and should be playing better. I'm just saying I think Liverpool are relying way too much on this guy who lets be fair hasn't yet justified his price tag and the faith they are showing in him.

buddymagoo3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Gamer you slag everyone else of expept your own players. Carrol will become a great player anyone can see that. The boy just needs confidence and be played as the lone (left footed) striker.

People know how I feel towards Liverpool and even I will admit he has huge potential.

kulka3852d ago

agree with Buddy :) he needs more time I just think he has yet reached full fitness people and press are not helping him

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neoragex3852d ago

Fortune favors the brave :)