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Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Team News, Predicted Lineups for El Clasico

BR - This Saturday's game between Real Madrid and Barcelona cannot come any sooner for fans worldwide. This season's first rendition of El Clasico will be played in the capital of Spain and—after the events of last season's five encounters—one can only imagine what this game has in store.

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buddymagoo3862d ago

I predict a Barca win. They have the mental edge over Madrid.

belal3862d ago

don't think so, they have struggled in almost all their away matches, and going up against real madrid will not make it any more easier. i predict a real madrid victory this time.

krazykombatant3862d ago

Mental edge? Have you not been following what the Barca players have been saying, if they were to lose this one at the bernabeu it would be a massive blow to the morale of the team. Not the same to come back down from 9 points.

kulka3862d ago

It will be very tight I hope it lives up to expectation Real has a bad habit of playing anti football against Barca I still got a feeling Barca will take this if they do it will be good from neutral's point of view as the title race would be closer

Kur03862d ago

I think you mean the ref has a bad habit of playing anti-football.

Nes_Daze3862d ago

I think you mean Real Madrid fans have a bad habit of making excuses for their losses by blaming the refs. If you don't see how undisciplined Real Madrid is then you have been watching them play with one eye closed.

Corepred43861d ago

I think he means barca has a bad habit of acting and getting people get sent off for nothing.

kulka3861d ago

Nah I meant that for some reason Real tries to win against Barca by playing defensively it would be nice to see two of world's best team's laying open football

Nes_Daze3862d ago

Real Madrid should win, they have the lead in points and have gained a lot of confidence. Even though I would prefer the Catalans to get the victory, I know it will be far from easy. Besides, Barcelona can't be at the top forever, and they have been for a while..

Kaneda3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I predict a bunch of flops like the last time they played against together...