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January Transfer Window: 15 Players Teams Are Sure to Overpay for

BR - The transfer window is just over three weeks away and the rumor mill is cooking as fast as ever with the suggestions of this player and that player going here, there and everywhere.

Many clubs are for sure set to be buying come January, but the real issue is going to be the price tag and the prices paid for the players this term.

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buddymagoo3859d ago

Chahil can go for free in the summer, surely nobody will overpay for him as they could just wait. Would be a good buy for anyone though.

Gamer19823858d ago

Doesn't matter though when they know you need that player they have you by the balls so to speak lol. Also if United didn't buy him in Jan and left till summer another team could potentially buy him instead. So its taking a gamble.. that's if United ARE interested though.

buddymagoo3858d ago

I think United would rather players that want to be at our club rather than MERCENARIES.

Gamer19823858d ago

Like Rooney you mean? LOL Who clearly didn't stay for the money right? You really are deluded.. You just proved it with that mate that was the most stuck up thing you could have said you could have kept it about football and opinions but you had to be childish and go that direction. Rooney is only at your club as his life was threatened by your own fans and he got a pay rise upto 250k. So don't you dare talk to me about mercenaries.

At least we don't threaten our players to stay at our club mate. I saw the vid of the fans outside his house we all did screaming they were going to kill him if he left for City even though he never said he would it was just a rumour and he wanted more money. I feel dirty dropping to your level but I feel I have to, to make sense with people like you.

buddymagoo3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Lol, you believe he wanted to go to your club, lol.

When Sir alex said he could go he instantly U-tuned and said he had made a mistake and wanted to stay and signed the contract extension.

As for fans, the few can not be responsible for the many. You know how you can avoid me, stay out of united articles.

Dress it up how you like, those are the facts. Although it sounds like you follow us, I guess you don't follow all the facts.