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8 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Rise Once More

BR - For all Manchester United fans, this must be a very tough time. We've been beaten comprehensively against oppositions we should have dominated, picked up one point instead of all three and, let's all be honest, Lady Luck hasn't been smiling in our direction.

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krazykombatant3854d ago

Well you know what they say, once you've hit rock bottom only way is up! XD!

GanjaMan3854d ago

hhahahaha totally agree and finally united have been put in their place!

Gamer19823853d ago

Rock Bottom? There 2nd with 5 points more than last season! I'm sick of reading these articles like there doing so bad sure there out the CL but there actually doing better in the PL than last year when they won it! What is with all these depressing negative articles lately ESPECIALLY from bleacher report? Getting kicked from the CL was probably a blessing in disguise anyway as it gives them more time to concentrate on league as they probably won't bother with Europa.

krazykombatant3853d ago

Even sir alex critized the europa league you being a man city fan, it can't be nice to know that man u is going to focus on the league. City can't slip up. This is probably one of the worst man u starts to recent history so yes this is essentially rock bottom for them.

Nes_Daze3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Hope United pick themselves up. Hernandez's injury surely does not help since the kid has been doing tons for the team. I think they have been bested this year completely by City and their performance in the CL was horrible. Surely isn't the ManU I've seen play in previous years. :(