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Highlights: Arsenal 1-0 Everton (English Premier League - 10/12/11)

1-0 R. Van Persie 70'

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no_more_heroes3851d ago

I yelped when that shot went in. What a goal!

Gamer19823851d ago

Very good goal but will he be at the emirates in the summer? Only time will tell..

buddymagoo3851d ago

Chill out, gamer. I hope he is for the premier leagues sake. Star performer!

Sahil3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )


rafay3850d ago

Dude you need to chill out!

kulka3851d ago

what a goal Van Persie is great to watch the best striker in the league hope he stays injury free

Gamer19823851d ago

Indeed what will they do if he leaves in the summer?


Why did you repeat yourself to two different users?

Anderson83851d ago

what will city do if they cant buy the champions league?...dude, stay on topic

great from rvp.. arsenal are back to theyre usual winning ways hopefully they keep it up against city

no_more_heroes3851d ago

Also, it needs to be said:

1-0 to the Arsenal.

No better scoreline and no better goal to celebrate the 125th.

kane_lfc3851d ago

If only we had a finisher like him...:(

kulka3851d ago

we would be top four at least I recently read an article confirming Liverpool leads the league at crossbar challange we hit the crossbar more than anyone else

Nes_Daze3851d ago

VP is such an amazing asset to Arsenal, glad Henry got to see that goal. :)

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