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I want Sunderland to play like Barcelona – Martin O’Neill

The newly-instated boss takes charge of his first game against Blackburn on Sunday, and whilst admiring the Catalan's style, is aware that securing points is the club's priority.

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Gamer19823859d ago

Oh dear that title is madenning. Barca play that well and that kind of style as they have player that can play that good and that well in that system. Not many can play well in the barca system and those who can cost a LOT of money something Sunderland does not have.

Nes_Daze3858d ago

Argentina tried to do it, and they sucked...big time. I think they should stick to their own style, unless they are completely positive they can recreate the Catalan passing game.

dcortz20273858d ago

I don't see that happening anytime soon..