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Xavi: Barcelona Superior To Real Madrid

The world class midfielder and Catalan playmaker feels Barcelona have now proved that they hold a significant advantage over Real Madrid following the decisive 3-1 victory at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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kulka3853d ago

The gap is still there Real needs more time to dethrone Barca

KingPin3853d ago

there is a gap no doubt. but i still wanna know why messi wasnt sent off. i mean if this was any other team the player wouldve gotten sent off without a doubt. but i guess to a certain extent a players reputation helps the ref make decisions.

\however, people should realise that in the 90s, the roles were reversed madrid were winning everything. so barca supporters shouldnt be bragging as much as they are now. with time, they will go down too. everyone has cycles.

DixieNormS3853d ago

Messi got his first card for arguing. According to that, every one in both teams should have a yellow card. So just stop bringing up the excuse that he should have gotten a second yellow when everyone there should have had a yellow in the first place because both teams when they play each other cry like little bitches to the refs.

KingPin3853d ago

Players get yellows for taking their shirts off while celebrating. shouldn't matter how you get your yellow cards. point is he was on one yellow card and with that tackle he should have got a second one.

but clearly your argument lacks substance showing that you either just support the winners or you a delusional Barca Fan. whichever one it is, there is no trying to explain it to you.

krazykombatant3853d ago

Messi got his first card for saying something he probably shouldn't have to the ref. The second yellow card was deserved but since its messi, he can't get one.

Nes_Daze3853d ago

Messi's reputation is clean, you get a pass sometimes for being disciplined. Eventually, at some point you are rewarded for not being a tackling douche, and this was Messi's time. Next time, he won't get a pass probably, so I doubt you'll see him do it again. BTW, if Messi deserved a red, so did Pepe, we can go on and on about who deserved cards but at the end of the day, one reputation exceeds the other.

dcortz20273853d ago

There is no doubt about that. Real Madrid won't surpass Barcelona for a long time. They are above everyone at the moment.