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Are Manchester United in a hole too deep even for Sir Alex Ferguson?

There's a hole in the neighbourhood, to paraphrase Elbow, down which Manchester's Champions League hopes have fallen with a mighty crash. One feels that Manchester City will be climbing out and moving on again before long, possibly even strengthened by the experience of group stage failure and ready to be more hard-nosed next time, though there is no way a team who took part in three of the past four European Cup finals can regard this setback as superficial.

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Infernostew3850d ago

2 points behind in the league? I think if anything United is in the driver's seat to contend for the title. So we're out of the champion's league, no need to worry about some of those tough fixtures towards the end of the season. I really hope we play our reserves for Europa and focus on getting on top of that table.

Computersaysno3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Paul Wilson, not the first time he has contended the end of United and Ferguson. Is it the end? Of course not!! The team has promise which was not something i would have said the last time United went out of Europe early. There is a collection of young players at United that have a lot of talent, and this will take time to come to fruition.

Look at the league table now, after tonight. Only 2 points behind City who have spent 350m on players in 3 years. Yet United to their critics and their fans have not played well for several months!!!

What happens if some of their injuries resolve in the next month and they get back some of the form they had at the start of the season. Would you count them out of the league title?

More importantly would you count them out of the top 4, and missing out on the champions league for next season? Or do you believe that in fact that are highly unlikely to not be in the draw once again for another time.

United will probably buy one or two more players in the summer and continue their rebuilding under Ferguson. Until United sit 5th or 6th in the league after 38 games it would be a grave mistake to suggest they are finished as a major force in England.

Nes_Daze3850d ago

ManU is fine, they are only 2 points behind in the league. Time will tell if they will take the lead in the table.

dcortz20273849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Oh please! Only a couple of points behind Manchester City(top of the table) and Manchester United are in a hole? Player injuries hurt them in the Champions League. Manchester United will rise once more!

KingPin3849d ago

Simple answer, NO!!

this is nothing new for SAF. do these journos even go back to look at history or do they wait for the fans to correct their idiocy. To the idiot that wrote this, please go back to 2005/06. look at the squad list. then fast forward to 2007/08 season and take a good long hard look.

then do yourself a favour, study it like you writing an exam tomorrow and then you will see that SAF doesn't dig holes for himself.